Picture of me


I'm a 32-years old security enthusiast from Helsinki, Finland. I'm working at Exclusive Networks as an Senior Systems Engineer and studying at Evtek Institute of Technology with major of Computer Security.

My hobbies are photography, self defence (Defendo, Krav Maga), gym, cooking and sports in general. In computer technology my interests include information security, unix operating systems, virtualization and storage systems. I have good knowledge in several programming languages, Linux and Unix environments, data communications, virtualization (vmware, xen) and system & network administration. If you are interested about my skills please check my curriculum vitae.




Best way to get in touch with me is to drop an email to jussi(at)jaurola.fi. If you want to encrypt your mail, get my GPG-key from below.

You could also find me at IRC (IRCnet, Freenode) with nickname gobbe.

Get my GPG public key (Please check the key fingerprint before using this (A110 A514 473F BA82 EF64 6D41 1F78 25EB B8A8 E888).

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